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All You Need is Love, Lovefool, Love is Strange…

Just a selection of some of my awesome Valentine’s Day jams from yesterday! 😛

The party was a great success! We had music (courtesy of my ipod & ihome), a pinata, food, drinks, a “photobooth”…the whole sha-bang! I had an awesome time, and ate A LOT of yummy food! My favorite was the guac though! My roommate Jacki made it and it was absolutely awesome (it doesn’t hurt that guac is already one of my very favorite foods!) I probably ate half of the bowl!

the addictive guac! and pinwheels

the pigs in a blanket I made + some roses

one of the tables...pinata on the right!

I made the pigs in a blanket (yes, the vegetarian was making pigs in a blanket haha), and also brought out some of my muffin balls from the other night! They were a big hit.

We also set up a “photobooth” type thing, where we put out props and took pictures with Jacki’s awesome camera and some big frames…

crazy props

double frame action with Jacki

please excuse all my weird faces


So the party was a hit! 🙂

Pre-party, I got in TWO great workouts! Ang and I went to the gym, where I did 10 minutes on a spin bike to warm up, followed by a 20 minute interval workout on the tredmill. I alternated running at a speed of 9.0 for 25 seconds, followed by 40 seconds at speed 4.0. I did that 8 times, and then ran at 10.0 for 25 seconds, followed by 40 seconds at 3.8 (I did that twice). I then ran at 9.5 for 25 seconds, followed by 40 seconds at 4.0. All of this was on an incline of 1.0. At the end, I walked for about 5 minutes at a speed of 3.8 and an incline of 5.0 to cool down. It definitely got my heart pumping, and made the time FLY by! I am a big fan of the interval workout, and plan to incorporate them a lot more often!
My second workout was my TurboKick Class! I did abs for about 20 minutes while waiting for class to start, and then it was time for some kickboxin’! The class was pretty fun, but not too challenging. I did get my heartrate up a few times, and even broke a sweat, but overall didn’t feel challenged by the class. I don’t think I’ll be rushing to do it again soon.
Also, check out this article I found today about what counts as exercise and what doesn’t! Pretty interesting…and more motivation to give your house a good cleanin’! 😛
After yesterday’s festivities I was sleeeepy, and slept in until 10:30 this morning. I had some Chai tea, then ran out the door to class. I just got back, and made myself a green smoothie! I used 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 6 frozen strawberries, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, and 1 hugeee handful of spinach.

green smoothie stuff! The finished product is front and center

Holy cow! This was DELICIOUS! Which I was totally not expecting. I’ve been meaning to make a green smoothie for a while now, but this was my first time actually doing it. I was blown away. Not only could I not taste the spinach AT ALL, the whole thing tasted like an awesome chocolate-y milkshake! LOVE! This will definitley be making a frequent apperance in my meals from now on!

Sorry this was theeeee longest post ever! Ciao!


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