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    February 2011
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Overnight Success!

My workout yesterday was simple, but good! I did a 10 minute warm up on a spin bike, and then did 25 minutes of intervals (using basically the same workout as the day before). Then I did about 15 minutes of abs. For some reason I was STARVING after my gym sesh, so I decided to make a HUGE salad for dinner. I hadn’t had one in a while, and I needed to use up some veggies that were chillin’ in the fridge. I used a base of broccoli slaw and some spinach, then added:

edamame (still trying to use this up!)



snap peas

1/2 an avacado


a MorningStar Farms chicken patty

I topped it off with my favorite peanut dressing (MUCH less spicy than the other one!) and mixed it all around. The blue bowl that it’s in is HUGE, and the salad went right to the top of it – needless to say I was eating this for foreverrrr, and my jaw got a good workout!

the good stuff


Thanks to reading about them on Julie and Kath‘s blogs, I decided to try some overnight oats. I was a little skeptical, because I thought the texture might turn me off…but I LOVED them!!! I used a packet of my Quaker True Delights hazelnut latte instant oatmeal as my based, then added about a half a cup of unsweetened almond milk and half a cup of plain greek yogurt to them. Then I stirred it up and sprinkled loaded it with cinnamon. I also added flaxseed, and accidentally got a little heavy-handed with it. I was worried that I messed them up, but it turned out great. It tasted so thick and delicious, and I was FULL by the time I finished the bowl! Great idea! 🙂

Quaker True Delights...mmmm


So yummy! I just ate lunch, and it too was delicious:


It looks a little gross, but tasted oh-so good! In my quest to use up all my edamame, I mixed the following:


sweet corn



brown rice

1/2 mashed avacado

1 laughing cow cheese wedge

1 spoonful of light sour cream

This reminded me of a Chipotle meal, which is always a good thing! I put some tortilla chips on the side to scoop with! mmm!

Now I’m off to get ready for Yogalates! I have a standing yogalates date with my roommate (and usual gym buddy) Ang for every Wednesday at 4! We love our instructor, she is the least judgemental-seeming person ever, and has such a calming voice and presence! I always look forward to Yogalates! Later! 🙂


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