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    February 2011
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Cheese, Please!

Hi there! Today I had no class, but decided I wanted to do my workout “early” (for me, this means the 11:45 total body class…it’s ok to hate me haha) I woke up around 10, putzed around for a bit, then walked to the gym around 11. They hand out class tickets 30 minutes before the class, and you never know how crowded it will be, so I made sure to get to the gym by 11:15. Total body was AWESOME, as always. It is a real challenge, and works all of my big muscle groups, which is awesome. I need to start going to this class a lot more regularly, because it kicks my butt! In a good way, of course.
Immediately after class, my friend Shiv picked me up to go see The Fighter. It’s been out for a few months now, but I hadn’t gotten around to seeing it before. Good movie! Christian Bale is a far cry from his hot Batman self, but did a great job with his role. Mark Wahlberg was attractive as always, and I really loved scrappy Charlene (Amy Adams) as well. I give this two thumbs up!
During the movie I snacked on almonds and an apple, since I hadn’t eaten breakfast before my total body class. When I got home I was pretty hungry, so I ate my leftovers from my Chipotle-esque bowl, and made another green smoothie. (I’m addicted!)
I was feeling super sleepy for some reason, so I dozed off for about an hour, and woke up a hunnngryyyy girl! I was in the mood for pasta and CHEESE, so I made a bowl with:
  • whole wheat penne
  • green peppers
  • garbanzos
  • onions
  • carrots
  • spinach
  • green peas

After adding some red sauce, I tossed a hefty amount of cheese on top! I used a three-cheese Mexican blend, and also a big dollop of the ricotta I bought last night. It was soooo good! And I have some left over for a little snack tomorrow! 🙂

Cheesy Pasta Bowl

I also prepped a bowl of overnight oats, so I’ll have an easy breakfast for tomorrow!! I’m already looking forward to my bowl of gooey goodness!

2 Responses

  1. I loved Amy Adam’s character in the Fighter. She was so feisty and stood up for everything she believed in!

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