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    February 2011
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Yoga + Baseball

Today turned out to be an interesting and fun day! I went to Yogalates, which was awesome as always!

A little yoga rant…

I was NEVER a yoga fan…at all. I am a big believer in sweating buckets and feeling like you’re going to die while you work out. Example: Spin class! That is right up my alley. It feels tough the whole time, and I sweat a LOT. Yoga…not so much. Ang asked me to go with her at the beginning of the semester, and I decided to give it a try. I have since fallen in loveee with our weekly yogalates class (as I like to say it’s heavy on the yoga, light on the ‘lates 😉 ) It truly is calming, and I feel like it realigns my body and mind. That sounded pretty hippy-dippy, but it’s so true! Trust me! And this is coming from a former yoga-hater. Anywayyy, I love it, and look forward to my Wednesday class every week 🙂

After yoga I wasn’t too hungry, but I was looking for a post-workout snack. Enter – the green smoothie! Again! (Told ya this would start popping up a lot!) Ah I just can’t believe how truly delicious it is, and that it contains so much good-for-you stuff! Yum!

Tonight, I played in an intramural softball game!!! Ang’s team was short one girl, and needed a replacement or else they wouldn’t be able to play. She somehow swindled me into doing it, even though my only experience playing softball comes from my 5-year-old T ball days!

take me out to the balllll gameeee...

Although I was not good, it ended up being pretty fun, and everyone on the team was SUPER nice/fun/supportive! So that was a big help! Let’s just say you won’t be seeing me in the majors anytime soon… 😉

For some reason I was INSANELY craving ricotta cheese, so we stopped by the store on our way home to pick some up. I also grabbed some Kashi blueberry waffles, more spinach, and two pints of Ben and Jerry’s! (hey, they were buy one get one free, I couldn’t resist!)

When I got home I mixed some ricotta with a packet of sweetener and some cinnamon. I toasted a waffle, and spread my ricotta mix on top, then covered it in syrup. SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! It really hit the spot, and satisfied my random craving.

To end the night, I watched Life As We Know It with the roomies. I’ve seen it before, but it was just as cute the second time around. And Josh Duhamel…whew! Need I say more? 😉 Goodnight!

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