A girl from my high school used to have this thing where whoever said “rabbit” first on the first of the month “won.” So now on every 1st, I think of that! Happy March! I cannot believe that February is already over – where does the time go!?

For breakfast I had a vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt, and mixed in a small scoop of Nutella, some peanut butter granola, and oats:


This combo was mighty tasty! I think Nutella has the potential to make anything DELICIOUS – it is so darn good!

Scary Surgery

The one good thing I have to say about the fitness center in my parents’ apartment was that it had a TON of magazines! (I may have stolen a few – shhh). This morning while I was eating breakfast, I was browsing the January 2011 issue of SELF. There was an article in there called  “Wide Awake and Under the Knife” which was about “bargain” plastic surgery, performed under local anesthesia by barely trained surgeons. I was so horrified by the story! There were countless women who had undergone liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. while “awake” and their stories were terrible – excrutiating pain, infections, and scars just to name a few.

It just got me thinking – again – how HEALTH is the absolute most important thing – not being skinny, not fitting into a certain size. I know that is so hard to remember sometimes, but stories like these really put things back into perspective. Everyday I remind myself that I want to live a HEALTHY lifestyle, not to lose weight or rock a bikini, but because I want to live a long life as a strong and healthy person.

Just a reminder, don’t take your health for granted! 🙂


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