I think I’m a closet morning person

GOOD morning!!! Today I had planned to wake up around 8:30 to hit the gym, since I have to leave for O-town at noon. However, I got to bed SUPER early last night (well, for me…which is by 11!) and I found myself awake around 6:45, so I got my butt up and headed to the gym! I had an awesome 45 minute elliptical workout, followed by abs. It feels SO great to have my workout out of the way already. PLUS it was so peaceful walking to and from the gym – college campuses aren’t exactly poppin’ at the hour of 7am.

I honestly do LOVE mornings, I just tend to have trouble waking up. But once I’m up, I really am a morning person. It feels like I just added all this extra time to my life, and that’s never a bad thing! 🙂

For breakfast, I whipped out the magic bullet and made a green smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, my spring salad mix, blueberries, and vanilla protein powder:



This is different from my standard green smoothie, but was just as delicious! My new vanilla protein is a nice change!

Now I’m off to hop in the shower and finish getting my stuff together for VACATION! Oh yeahhh! Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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