Well, I’m officially back in Orlando! I haven’t been here in two months, but it feels like it’s been a lot longer! It’s nice to be back though.

Yesterday when I got here, Steph (who I’m staying with) was at work, so I just sat on her patio in the GORGEOUS weather and did homework! I am happy to report that I got my entire 5 page case analysis done! Woohoo! Later on I ate dinner with Steph’s family, and it was DELICIOUS! I had a MorningStar Farms spicy blackbean burger with cheese, some sweet corn, homemade cooked potatoes, strawberries, and a slice of avacado. YUM!

After dinner I went over to my old neighbors’ house to hang out with them for a while. I used to babysit their two kids, and it was so great to see them – they’re the cutest! After the kids went to bed, we ended up watching the movie Conviction with Hilary Swank. She spends her whole life becoming a lawyer so that she can get her brother out of jail for a murder he didn’t commit. I liked the movie a lot! Giving up your whole life for your sibling – now that is love! I came back to Steph’s around midnight and we caught up before going to bed. I’ve missed her!


So far all I’ve done today is wake up. I guess my productivity streak from yesterday has disappeared! However, I DID eat breakfast, and it was yummy. I had a vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt, topped with strawberries, blueberries, and some oats:

Chobani vanilla

tasty toppings!

Steph is currently at class, so I’ll probably work on more homework or read my new book  until she gets back! And for your viewing pleasure, pictures of my buddy for the day – Ginger! She’s Steph’s dog! She is quite the old lady, but such a cutie pie!


what a sweetheart!

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