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Lake Eola – sweet!

Yesterday was seriously one of the greatest days ever! After Steph got home from class, we went to her eye appointment, then hit up the ‘bucks. I got a grande skinny vanilla latte, and it was GOOD! Except it was hot outside so I was pretty much sweating by the time I finished it. Oh well.

Then we did what we do best – shop! Steph is my number one shopping buddy! We went to Best Buy, Ulta, Victoria’s Secret, and this super cute boutique called Francesca’s. They have SUCH cute stuff, and are very affordable for a boutique! I somehow managed to restrain myself on our shopping trip, and only walked away with a new nail polish – a BRIGHT yellow shade from China Glaze called Happy Go Lucky. I’m in love with bright nail polish, and the color yellow so it is perfect! I have it on right now and I’m lovin’ it – not to mention it is so spring break appropriate! 😛

After our shopping adventures, I remembered I had a free small frozen yogurt from Sweet! so we headed over there. The cup they gave us was HUGE – it definitely didn’t seem like a small! Not that I’m complaining!  😉 We got half red velvet and half cake batter, and topped it with cookie dough bites, cheesecake bites, butterfinger, and mini reese’s. Healthy, huh? Not quite, but it sure was DEEEELISH! And free – ya can’t beat that!

Lake Eola

Despite living in Orlando for the last 7 years, I had never been to Lake Eola – a big lake in the middle of downtown. I asked Steph if we could go running there, and she happily agreed! So we headed to Lake Eola, and I fell in LOVE. It was sooooo nice, and there were a million people out running with dogs, babies, friends, etc. I could have kept running forever! We did 3 laps around the lake, then walked around downtown a bit. It was a lot of fun, and has me dying to move to downtown Orlando!

Post-run, in front of Lake Eola!

After we got home and showered, Steph’s mom made us an awesome dinner – fettuccine noodles with broccoli and peppers, alfredo sauce, and fake soy “chicken” to top it off. It was SO good! Steph’s mom was so sweet, she cooked me vegetarian things the last two nights, which was so considerate! And delicious!

We ended the night by heading to Gator’s Dockside to hang out with some friends from high school. It was a really fun time, and I had a blast hangin’ out with Steph yesterday!

At Gators..please excuse the HUGE bang separation!


So finally, that brings us to today. Currently I am at Orlando International Airport at my gate, waiting to board my flight at 1:30.  I got a “Mango Beach” smoothie from Freshens, which is really tasty and only 90 calories! So I’m drinking that while snackin’ on some almonds and writing this! I will post pictures later – I accidentally left my USB cord either in my suitcase (which is checked) or at Steph’s. Catch ya later!  🙂


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