Gooood Morning Austin!

I’m trying to run out the door to the gym, so I’ll make this quick! It’s another beautiful Austin day! 🙂 I am seriously so happy here – it is moving higher and higher up the I’m-moving-here list by the second! Victoria had class this morning, so I slept in, and then enjoyed my new raspberry Chobani with almonds for breakfast.

new Chobani!

Yesterday at the kite festival, I also recieved two free SoyJoy bars…one in blueberry and one in banana:


I decided to try the blueberry one, but wasn’t a big fan. It’s not that the bar was bad – it sort of reminded me of a fig newton (which I’m also personally not a fan of).

inside the bar

Also, here’s a full shot of my awesomely BRIGHT yellow nails

"Happy Go Lucky"

I ❤ them! Ok, off to the gym…happy Monday!

2 Responses

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog…glad you are enjoying Austin! It’s a great city! I live about 35 min North of the city. Looks like you have already eaten at the best places…Trudy’s and Kerby Lane Cafe!!

  2. I definitely am! Do you love living here?? Trudy’s and Kerby Lane were both fantastic…any other suggestions?? Look forward to following your blog – your meals look SO delicious! 🙂

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