Whole Foods

It was a pretty tame day in Austin…after the gym, I went to campus, and ended up working on a research paper in the business school here while Victoria was in class. (Exciting spring break stuff, huh?! 😛 ) For lunch, we ate at a place inside of the business school called O’s Cafe. I got a small salad from the salad bar, with spinach, LOTS of red and green peppers, chick peas, hard boiled egg, feta, cucumber, and some vinegrette dressing. It was pretty tasty! I was impressed with the selection of veggies that the salad bar had. I also got some sweet potato fries on the side, which were gooood!
Whole Foods(!!!)
So believe it or not, I had never actually been inside of a Whole Foods until yesterday! I have heard endless things about it, so I was extremely pumped to go! The Whole Foods headquarters is actually in Austin, which I thought was cool! Whole Foods was everything I’ve heard about and more. I literally was grinning from ear to ear, taking in all of the cool and different foods they have there! Some highlights included the nut butter stations, where you pull the lever, and nut butter that is made ONLY from nuts comes out (sooo cool), the packages of edible flowers, the million different granolas, and of course, the dessert cases! Ah!! I was so overwhelmed, but in a good way. I could have walked around for hours!
Of course I had to nab some stuff to try. I ended up buying
  • chocolate peanut butter (from the lever!)
  • Ginger snap granola
  • 2 fresh whole wheat rolls
  • an apple
  • mini canoli
  • raspberry thumbelina

Holy cow! It was all deeeeelish!

My purchases!

For dinner I wound up eating a roll and my apple, both dipped in the chocolate peanut butter. It was SO GOOD! And I may or may not have eaten the entire container.

The desserts were AMAZING as well – especially the mini canoli! MMMMM. They were a great size too – just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.


So YAY Whole Foods – I love you! 🙂


Today I had an interview for an internship at 11:00, and have just been chillin’ with Victoria since I got back. For breakfast I had a Stoneyfield farms vanilla yogurt (not greek – shocker!!) with some vanilla protein powder and my new ginger snap granola mixed in.

non-greek yogurt (gasp)

For lunch I had my other whole wheat roll with some peanut butter (just regular, booo), and a glass of milk. I think we’re going to dinner at BJ’s tonight, which is one of my favorites! I’m gonna start plotting out my meal now!! 😛

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