25 cent greek yogurt – believe it!

Today has been quite the relaxing Saturday! I went food shopping with Shiv this morning, and got a TON of food – $85 worth to be exact. My wallet hurts but my tummy is happy! Even though I did spend a lot of money, I got some good deals, including the deal of the century on greek yogurt!!! Publix has Voskos greek yogurt on sale (10 for $10), AND they have 75 cent off coupons for it still! SO in case you can’t do the math, I ended up getting my greek yogurts for 25 cents a piece! Just try to beat that – you can’t! 😀
After food shopping, we went to see The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I won’t ruin the movie for you, but I thought it was decent. I was enjoying it the whole way through, but thought the end was sort of anticlimactic. It seemed like there would be more of a twist or something. The movie did get me thinking about free will, fate, life paths, etc. which is always fun to ponder!
During the movie I snacked on an apple and a mix of peanuts, almonds, and grahm crackers. Tasty!
When I got home I had a nutella and strawberry sandwich on a slice of whole grain bread:

nutella/strawberry sandwich!

I’m so happy to have fresh fruit back in the house! In addition to these strawberries, I also bought apples and 2 kiwis!

For dinner I tackled another new purchase – brussel sprouts! I actually haven’t tried them in ages (if ever), so they were my latest new food experiment.


I went with the tried and true method of roasting them, along with some broccoli to add to whole wheat penne.

steamin' green bowl

Of course, I had to add some marinara to this bowl, along with a hearty portion of minced garlic.

all mixed up

sprout spotlight!

While I enjoyed this dinner, I don’t think brussel sprouts will be making a regular appearance in my diet. They were fine, but I didn’t LOVE them. If someone else was making them for me, or they were already in something I was ordering I would definitely eat them, but I don’t think I would choose to buy them over other veggies that I like. However, I do have at least 2 more servings left, so I WILL be eating those before they go bad.

I decided to bake a cake because I was bored…but unfortunately got distracted by watching Aladdin and reading blogs…

cake fail

This burnt mess of a cake was the result! Next time I will not rely on myself to remember when to take out the cake – I’ll set the timer! Cake burned, lesson learned! 😉

I’m off to start my new book – Game of Thrones, the first books in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Exciting Saturday night, huh? 😉

3 Responses

  1. So jealous of your ridiculously cheap Greek yogurt! What a steal!

  2. nutella strawberry sandwich! yum yum

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