Running intervals

Morning all! Today I woke up around 11:30 – eeek! Staying up late last night + time change = MAJOR SLEEP IN! For breakfast/lunch I had a cup of 25 CENT(!!!) Voskos honey greek yogurt, topped with peanut butter granola. I had strawberries and a cup of my cupcake coffee on the side.

the brunch of champions!

After eating, I had a long phone convo with my awesome sister!

Sista sistaaa

That’s us after her triathlon she competed in this past July! (Oh, and by the way I am a natural blonde 😛 )

My sister is one of my best friends, and while I don’t get to see her very often (she lives in Philly) we do chat on the phone regularly! She is also a vegetarian, a runner, and tries to live a healthy lifestyle! Today we spent a good portion of our conversation talking about how much we like to exercise, how great it makes us feel, etc. It inspired me to get my butt out of the house and go for an outside run!

The weather is GORGEOUS today, so I decided to do my 3 mile loop around campus. I ended up running the first 2 miles, and then doing intervals for the last mile. I would pick a spot in the distance, sprint to it, recover for roughly 40 seconds, and then do it all over again. It was a good workout – between the heat and the running I got a good sweat session!

I used Allie’s trick for bringing your house key on a run – putting it on a hair tie on your wrist! So simple, yet so genius! Thanks Allie! 🙂

the key to a great run! 😛

Now I NEED to get to some homework that I’ve been putting off! Bye for now!

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  1. I miss campus loop runs!!! Glad you had your key with you safe ‘n’ sound 🙂

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