Sex and the City

Is anyone else as addicted to this show as I am?
I watched the entire series last summer, and have since watched almost every episode again. The fact that E! is having a SATC marathon is really not helping my productivity levels today!
After snacking my way through dinner the past couple of days, I knew I wanted to make a “real” dinner tonight. Enter Monterey Pasta Company! I’ve had these babies chillin’ in my fridge since my last shopping trip, and tonight seemed to be the perfect time to try them out. 


I roasted some broccoli to add to my ravioli, and topped it all with red sauce, garlic, roasted red pepper flakes, and a hefty amount of parmesan cheese!

yummy dinner

I also had some yellow pepper dipped in roasted garlic hummus on the side:

pep + hummus

This dinner left me feeling full and very satisfied! The ravoli was a hit – I’d definitely buy this again! And lucky me, I still have a serving left over!

Right now I’m just chillin’ on the couch, since I’ve been sucked into this Sex and the City marathon…but I think I’m going to a party a little later on. Woohoo for socialization! 😉 Catch you guys later!

2 Responses

  1. i looooove SATC. it never gets old. and that ravioli looks delish where did you get it?

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