Oats in a Jar, Oats in a Jar…

lookin’ like a fool with your oats in a jar!  😛

Today has been a MAJORLY lazyyy day – as in I may or may not still be in my pj’s right now.

My stomach has been feelin’ a little blah all day, and I think it’s safe to assume that it’s because of last night’s party “activities.” BLEH!

Muffin Army to the Rescue

Going out a lot used to put quite the wrench in my healthy lifestyle. One of the main culprits? Late night eating! After returning from a night out, I would almost always scarf down a slice of pizza, french fries, a huge bagel with cream cheese, or some other equally unhealthy fare.

Last night in anticipation of my late-night carb cravings, I left a member of my muffin army on the counter to defrost before I went out. This strategy totally worked out for me. When I arrived home, I ate my muffin, then hopped into bed. By planning ahead, I managed to avoid an unhealthy late-night binge. Score!

Oat in a Jar

I’ll be honest – when I first read about oats in a jar, I didn’t get what the big deal was. Okay, so you eat your oats…out of a jar…big whoop.

Well let’s just say that after today, I finally get it! I finished my jar of crunchy peanut butter yesterday, and decided to make overnight oats in a jar in it. My creation included oats, honey greek yogurt, milk, Bob’s Red Mill 7 grain cereal. I stirred it all up, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

By this morning, the oats had soaked up the liquid, and were completely infused with the peanut butter taste! It was mighty yummy!!!

MY oats...because so many other people in my house make oats in old pb jars..

inside shot

I’m off to pretend to write some of my research paper! I’m doing it on the advertising industry in China, which I find very interesting….just not quite as interesting as reading blogs! 😉

4 Responses

  1. Now do you see why oats in a jar are so delicious?? 🙂 Glad you decided to try them!!! Don’t be like me now and finish three jars of peanut butter in a week and a half just for oats in a jar!

  2. I’ve never tried oats in a jar, but I need to. I see it around the blog world frequently! Right now though, I’m on a Chobani kick 😉

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