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“When You’re Dealing With Hamstrings, You’re Dealing With Your Ego”

My favorite yoga teacher says many insightful things during class, and I thought this was funny. She was saying this I guess to tell us to let go of our ego, not try to be perfect, etc. Not really sure what the connection is, but I was amused! She also always says “now take a moment to feel the effects of the postures,” which is one of my favorites! It really makes me think about the moves that I just did, and how my body feels because of them.

At the beginning of class, she always asks if we have any special requests for the day. Today I told her that my hips were tight…which meant we got to do pigeon pose! It’s seriously one of my favorites – you get such a fantastic stretch! We also did some different inversions, which I love! YAY Yoga! 😛

For dinner my roommates and I hit up Panera. I really don’t like eating out, but I do LOVE Panera, AND I had a giftcard! So I was sold. Since we went straight from the gym I didn’t have my camera, so sorry for the lack of pictures. I got the you pick two (as always) with the Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto, and the tomato mozzarella. The tomato mozzarella is the bomb – it almost tastes like a pizza to me! MMMM!

I’m off to read/go to bed…but I have some exciting news to share tomorrow! (Well, exciting for me…don’t get your hopes up too high haha) Night!


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