Red Velvet <3

Red velvet is absolutely my favorite cake flavor. There’s just something about it – not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it tastes amazing too! But let’s back up…

For breakfast I had yet another smoothie (I reallyyyyyy need to get to the grocery store!) This one was similar to yesterday’s, and included frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, orange juice, strawberry/banana juice, and a small 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder. Once again, it was super thick, so I served it in a bowl and topped it with some dry oats. Yum!

smoothie in a bowl, take 2

After returning from total body, the red velvet cupcake sitting on the counter called to me. So naturally I had to answer, and EAT IT!

seriously, how cute is that plate?

check out the sprinkles!

you can see the cake peekin' out!

Do I even need to say how insanely delicious this was? OMG. Red velvet, I love you! My roommate Ang brought this cupcake home for me from an engagement party that she attended last night. She is well aware of my extreme love for red velvet, so she snagged me one. Don’t I have the nicest roomies? 🙂

I also made myself an iced chai tea, which I’m sippin’ on now. I am impressed with this iced version of my favorite tea! Now I can drink it all through summer without sweating to death!

brewed chai tea + ice + milk = iced chai! YUM

So today has already been full of delicious-ness and it’s only 1:30! Who knows what the rest of the day will have in store! 😉

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  1. wow does that look AMAZING! i love red velvet cupcakes and that is def on my to do list to make this week thanks to you! love your blog! i’m glad i came across your blog! hope you have a great sunday!

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