Lobsters and Pain Meds and Yogurt, Oh My!

This morning I woke up, and it looked like this outside:

dreary, drizzly day

And I pretended to be happy, and looked like this:

my i-just-woke-up-and-am-pretending-to-be-chipper face 😛

But I was kind of happy, because breakfast looked like this:

3 ingredients - simple!

oh yogurt bowls, how I've missed you!

Then I popped a few of these:

make the pain go awayyyyy!

And put on some of this:

the blue stuff

Because my back looks a little like this:


So that is my morning so far! Full of sunburns, rain, and sleepy-ness! Welcome to Monday my friends! 😛

One Response

  1. ahhh sunburn is never fun! and neither is rain!

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