On Writing

Breakfast this morning was yet ANOTHER smoothie bowl, and I fear that someone will want to kill me if I post one more picture of that, so I won’t.

On my “about” page, I say that I have only recently started enjoying writing, etc. I wanted to share with you something that I wrote a few months ago that explains how I feel about writing in a much more in-depth manner. It’s pretty long, so bear with me.

On Writing

I hear the first step to becoming a writer is to, well…write. I figure if I ever want to become one, I should open up my word processor on occasion. So here I am. Why is writing so much harder than thinking? Thoughts are fluid, they run through your mind constantly, and you can’t shut them off even if you try. Why then, do they seem to cease completely when you stare at a blank page? There is so much potential in a blank page – a word document, piece of paper, even a rogue napkin. Empty space just waiting to be filled with thoughts, feelings, tales of daring, adventure, things to make you laugh, cry, and want to read more. I’m always afraid to just start – just start writing. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me, I feel like anything I put down to that almighty blank page has to be polished and perfect. Worthy, if you will. But by waiting for the perfect thought, idea, or story to strike me, I end up never writing anything. So is it better to write random comets of thought down, or never to write at all? I’m going to try practicing the first one. Getting over the perfectionist syndrome, and starting to fill the endless white pages with some black words. Even if they’re not the perfect words, or they don’t form the perfect story or even a coherent thought. Every journey begins with a single step, as they say. My single step may not even be a whole page, but damnit, I’m going to write. As often as I can. I always think that to myself but never follow through. My most consistent writing outlet thus far has been my handwritten journal, which I have kept since sophomore year of high school. Even that I only update on occasion. I go through spurts of writing more often, but overall it’s lucky if it sees me once every two weeks. A lot of the reason behind that is because my hand gets tired easily. Now, I know that sounds like a lame excuse, but it’s so true. Even when I have the richest of stories to tell my journal, I don’t feel like it because my hand hurts after filling only a page or two. It’s a miracle if I even get the whole story out on paper. Forget about vivid details, or writing style. It’s messy and straight to the point when I do get around to writing in my journal, simply because of the logistics of my lazy hand. I have never wanted to switch my journal over to the computer, simply because it didn’t seem as authentic. However, we are in the digital age, and my hand would probably greatly appreciate the transition. But, I will keep my handwritten, non-digital journal anyway. Call me old fashioned, but I like some things to remain out of the technological realm. I would like to write other things on the computer though. Essays, stories, anything that flows through my little brain. Anything that inspires me to put pen to paper (or in this case, finger to keyboard). I just want to start writing down anything and everything, until it becomes a habit. Until I get better at it. I’ve always thought I didn’t like writing, but I’m pretty sure I just didn’t like the whole five paragraph essay, intro, body, conclusion, blah blah blah type of writing. Maybe if I write on my own terms, in my own way I will find that I love it. I have a hunch that I could, and sometimes I even picture myself as a writer. No office, no routine, just sitting at home on my couch, cup of tea in hand, laptop in lap. Writing amazing things. Short stories, a column, maybe even a novel. But if I ever want to make that a reality, I have to write!


Whew! If you made it through all or even half of that rant, kudos to you! Those are my feelings about writing, written long before I even though to start this blog. One good thing is that this blog forces me to WRITE – every.single.day. It is far from the prettiest or most interesting writing, but it’s getting me in the habit of actually doing it. Every.day. Which is good!

I hope you found this more interesting than another picture of a smoothie in a bowl! 😛 I’m off to do some homework before my total body class at 3!

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  1. I’M PROUD OF YOU for not posting repetitive food pictures. I just don’t see the point in someone taking a picture and sharing the same, repetitive meal over and over again. Which is why I skip over food a lot.. If we’ve seen it, we don’t need to see it again. 🙂

    but I do hope your smoothie in a bowl was yummy! 😉

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