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Yogurt & Rain

Can you guess whose song my title is a tribute to? (Hint – read to the end of the post 😛 )

Today is another dreary/rainy day here in Florida. Apparently the storm was bad last night, but I slept riiiiight through it, as always. I am such a heavy sleeper that someone could probably come kidnap me in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t blink an eye. Eeek.

Last Night

Last night I had a simple but great dinner! There was leftover pizza in the fridge that was calling my name. To healthify my meal, I ate only ONE slice, and added tons of roasted and grilled veggies on the side.

pizza + veggies for some health

This was perfect because I still got the satisfaction and tastiness of eating pizza, but without the guilt and the “I weigh 500 pounds” feeling afterward!

My night concluded with a big bowl of Monster Cookie ice cream!

monster cookie!

Meghan and I saw this in Target last week and HAD to have it! Her mom makes us Monster Cookies all the time, so the fact that there was an ice cream version made us pretty darn excited!

While eating our ice cream, we watched a Disney classic – Mulan!


We have this on VHS, and we were cracking up about having to rewind it before we could watch it! Oh technology, how far you have come!


I feel like I have been neglecting my yogurt lately, so a yogurt bowl for breakfast seemed perfect!

I combined plain greek yogurt, a squirt of honey, chopped apple, pecans, dry oats, and a LOT of cinnamon to make my bowl.

yogurt bowl

I tend to be a little heavy-handed with the cinnamon – it just makes everything SO much better! Luckily, cinnamon is really good for you! You can read about some of the health benefits here! That makes me feel better about putting pounds of it onto my morning meals! 😉

Hope everyone else is having better weather than we are here! I’ll leave you with a little James Taylor, because I LOVEEEEE him, and it’s the perfect rainy day/relaxing music! 🙂 (Also, my title is a play on his song “Fire and Rain” 🙂 )


4 Responses

  1. Ahhhh!!! How is that icecream?? I have seen it there before and actually had it in my hands to purchase at one point and put it back! I might have to try it if you say its good!

  2. LOVE that Monster Cookie icecream!! I bought it last time I was home from school and I almost had to glue the freezer shut to stop me from eating it! haha and that asparagus looks so yummy. I might have to run out and get some for tonight!

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