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Midnight Fun Run!

Hello all!

I’m making dinner right now, and my book is at (another) really good part, so I’ll make this snappy! Today I had to wake up early to go help with graduation videos for my master’s program. By the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED, so I wound up taking a nice two hour nap. Whew!

After my nap I was huuuuungry, so I threw together a quick snack plate:

GALS 325Pretzels, apple, and peanut butter GALS 324+ Special K bar

It hit the spot! Apple and peanut butter is one of my favorite foods – you can never go wrong with that winning combo!

Right now, this is what’s going on in the kitchen:

GALS 326GALS 327

I’m keeping it light and easy tonight with a big plateful of veggies for dinner. I’m not even that hungry, because I have devoured 47529082 million of these dangerous things:

GALS 328

Strawberry cookies! I seriously have eaten WAY too many, and feel pretty gross because of it. ICK!

Midnight Fun Run

Every year, my school hosts a Midnight Fun Run, which takes place at midnight on the last day of classes! (That would be today!)

My roommate Ang and I decided to sign up a while ago. For the bargain price of $12, you get a dri fit tee AND free breakfast at the dining hall after the race! I was sold. Plus, I’m pretty excited to run in a race atmosphere, even though it is not competitive in the least.

The race is a 5K, which I think (and hope) is short enough for me to handle. I haven’t run in a whileeee, so anything more than 3 miles would probably be a bit of a struggle at this point.

The timer just went off, so I must go eat my veggies and finish my book! Wish me luck on my race tonight! Smile with tongue out

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  1. Ahh that sounds so fun!!

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