Sometimes You Just Need a Rest Day

…or a rest month from blogging. It has been FOR-EVER since I’ve posted anything on here, and I don’t really have a great explanation as to why that is. I don’t want to make excuses, but since I’ve been in Orlando for the summer, I have been busy. Like, really really busy, haven’t-had-time-to-even-read-my-book-or-catch-up-on-tv-shows kind of busy.

You see, I am working full time (or almost full time – 36 hours a week) at my internship. This opportunity sort of fell into my lap at the last minute, and since starting on May 18, I have been a busy girl. I am now even more in awe of all you awesome bloggers out there who work full time AND blog often. Seriously, you are amazingggg!

Thankfully, I have been great about working out, and my eating has been decent. I haven’t been neglecting healthy living, just the blog.

I’m now in the process of trying to figure out what I want my blog to be, if I even want to continue it, etc. I’m almost certain that I DO want to continue, because I have really missed blogging and the awesome community! I’ve barely even had time to read my favorite blogs lately, which is so not cool.

Balance is key, and is actually my “word for the year.” So right now I’m trying to find my balance again, since having a full time position has certainly thrown it off quite a bit.

On that note, I have to run to a doctor’s appointment…after which I have to go in to work for a half day. I’ll leave you with a photo of Steph and I in downtown Orlando the other week…Smile with tongue out 

summer11 006

I really miss you guys, and appreciate the whopping 3 people who have been still checking my blog daily. No worries, I am still alive and kickin’!


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  1. Girl you KNOW there are more than 3 people who’ve still been checking in 😉

    As long as you’re enjoying life, we miss you! Blog about whatever you want! Whenever you want, we’ll be here to read 🙂

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