21st Birthday…Coming Soon to a Jamie Near You

Hey guys!

Another manic Monday is done…woohoo! It seems like the rest of the week is easier to get through after the initial day is finished.

This morning I did my usual 5:45 spin class, followed by a 9 hour work day. Ugh. Spending so much time sitting at a desk gets really tedious. After I got home, I ate WAY too many chocolate chip congo bars, followed by a bagel topped with melted cheese and marinara. Yum.

I had a major food baby and was feeling pretty icky thanks to all the sugar, so I hit up the gym for workout number two. I completed 15ish minutes of arm weights, followed by a quick 1.6 miles on the treadmill, after which I felt much better!

from disk 014

(I have no pictures for today, so I’m cheating and throwing in a picture of the young Jamie – you’re welcome!)

So, what big things are on the horizon you may ask? Let me tell you! Since it’s officially July (11 days into it to be exact) it is also officially my birth month! But this year is not just any birthday…it’s the big 2-1!!! FINALLY. I honestly feel like I am the last person on Earth to turn 21. (Exaggeration much?) But really…having such a late birthday has been killing me, but in a mere 19 days, I’ll be a big girl! Smile 

Another exciting thing? I got my first freelance job!!! I’ve been thinking about/semi looking into freelancing for a while now, but I have finally landed a position! It’s a steady one too, writing about International Education. Considering my master’s is in International Business and I am an ambassador for my grad program, this opportunity is right up my alley! I’m really excited about it, and I got my first assignment today! I can’t wait to get crackin’ on it – I’ll be sure to link to it whenever it gets posted!

On that note, I’m off to start writing! I also have a pretty good post in the works for the blog, so look out for that sometime this week! (Hopefully)



2 Responses

  1. first of all, happy birthday month! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to turn 21 too lol…ughhh!

    and I get so antsy at my desk job too! I need to MOVE!

    congrats on your new freelancing job though!

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