Excitement’s in the Air!

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. this weekend! I’ve been busy lazy, and haven’t gotten around to posting! Let’s do a little recap, shall we?


I went to total body, and the class ended up being taught by my favorite instructor! She really kicked my butt, and I loved every second of it! After my workout, me, Meghan, and Ang hit up the mall so I could look for a graduation dress. I looked in a few stores, but nothing stuck out to me, so I’m still dress-less at the moment!

After the mall we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some necessities. My “necessities” included cucumber melon body wash, apples, cake batter ice cream, and my new favorite purchase – BANANA EXTRACT! I am in L-O-V-E!

As I mentioned before in this post, I am allergic to bananas. Crying face So.Sad. However, I can still eat fake, banana flavored things. Enter banana extract – fake banana flavor in a bottle, and I LOVE it! I’ve been putting in in stuff all weekend, including milkshakes, smoothies, and just plain glasses of milk. YUM.

For dinner we went to one of our favorite local restaurants – Bahn Thai. Meghan and I split an order of the chicken less pad Thai, because their portions are HUGE.

GALS 307

I scarfed down two portions of this + a home made milkshake + a few Oreos. I was kicking myself by the end of the night, because I ended up with a major food baby and a sugar coma. ICK.


Saturday was pretty uneventful. I spent most of the day reading my book, Game of Thrones. It’s getting REALLY good, so I easily lost myself in it for a few hours.

When Ang asked if I wanted to go to the gym, I almost declined in favor of reading. Then I realized I should stop being a bum, and that I would feel much better if I got a workout in, so I went. It ended up being a great workout, and I finally did some cardio! It’s been far too long. I spent 25 minutes working up a sweat on a spin bike, followed by 12 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. I ended with some arm exercises. It definitely felt good to do some cardio!

For dinner, I had leftover pad Thai, roasted broccoli, and grilled red peppers and onions. Three of my absolute favorite foods on one plate? WINNER!

GALS 309GALS 313


Today was a very exciting day for me!

It started out with some quality reading time, followed by some more errand running with Meghan. While we were out, I made another fantastic purchase….


I was beyond pumped for this thing, and immediately made some iced Chai tea to put in it when we got home. My tumbler and I are already bff’s – it’s loveeeee.

At 7:30, I had an event that I’ve been waiting for for nearly a year now…

The David Sedaris book reading/signing!!!

If you don’t know who David Sedaris is, I highly recommend that you ch-ch-check him out!

My sister got me his book Me Talk Pretty One Day when I was 14, and I have been obsessed with him ever since. He is absolutely hilarious, and I constantly laugh out loud while reading his books.

Anyway. I found out almost a year ago that he was coming to UF on April 17, and was SO EXCITED. I bought my ticket months ago, and have been looking forward to this day. He did not disappoint. He read a few stories from his books, a new story he has been working on, some entries from his personal journal, and then took questions. He was just as hilarious in person as he is in writing, and I loved every second of it! Unfortunately, I did not get him to sign my book after because the line was SO LONG. It’s okay though, because I’m sure I’ll be seeing him read again as soon as I get the chance! Smile 

After the book reading, the excitement continued….You see, HBO made a series out of my book! (Game of Thrones) The series started tonight, so as soon as I got home from the reading, I hopped on the couch to watch 60 minutes of non stop drama. There was love, betrayal, beheading, puppies, incest, hot men, and castles. You’re intrigued now, aren’t you?! Winking smile I made my roommates watch with me, and I think they’re hooked!

Oh, one last bit of excitement – my cousin Claire, who recently got engaged, asked me to be a bridesmaid! I was totally not expecting that, but I am so excited and honored that she wants me to be a part of her big day! Of course I said yes! The wedding is not for quiteeee a while (like, 2 years) but I’m still really pumped!

That was officially the longest post EVER, so you get a gold star if you made it all the way through! Hope everyone else had a grand weekend!




I’m sorry to say that today was ANOTHER ridiculous sleep in day. I blame my book which kept me up into the wee hours! After hitting snooze on my alarm quite a few times, I had to rush through breakfast and book it to the gym for my 11:45 total body class. I had a Voskos vanilla bean honey greek yogurt and a BIG glass of water. Bo-ringgg.


Total body kicked my butt and made me supaaa sweaty, as always. I seriously loveeee that class, and my muscles will never get used to it because every instructor does different moves using different equipment. Perfect!

What was not so perfect was my yogaBLAHtes class I took after total body. (aka yogalates) It was with a different instructor than I usually take, and I just was NOT feelin’ it! I wanted to get a really great stretch, and that did not happen. Lesson learned: I’ll be sticking with my usual instructor from now on!

Once I arrived home from the gym I was hungry! I had a small bowl of brown rice salad, and a green smoothie that included:

  • spinach
  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • vanilla protein powder
  • unsweetened almond milk

It was deeeelish! I really liked the peach/strawberry combo!


So that is my smoothie…but also a showcase of my freakish yellow obsession. Plus my ipod case and my headband may or may not be yellow…and look at the background of my blog…ok. Yellow overload! 🙂

Now I’m off to read my book in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon, before gettin’ down to work and then hopefully doing something f-u-n tonight! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Is there a certain color that you are in loveee with?

clearly, mine is yellow! 😛

Brown Rice Salad

Today’s recipe is one of my very favorites! It doesn’t even require cooking, so you know it’s e-a-s-y!

This tasty concoction is called brown rice salad. My sister actually came up with the recipe, and it has made its way around to all of the women in my family. Everyone we make it for seems to be a big fan, so I think it’s a winner!

You can really add whatever you have on hand to the brown rice salad, but here is my standard recipe:

Cook 4 servings of instant brown rice (2 cups dry). Let the rice cool. Add vegetables, nuts, cheese, and mix everything together! Done-zo!

Okay, I am a horrrrrible recipe writer. I guess I won’t be publishing that cook book anytime soon. 😉 To be more specific, the ingredients I added to the brown rice were:

  • finely chopped green and yellow pepper
  • finely chopped cucumber
  • matchstick carrots
  • chopped pecans
  • chopped walnuts
  • chopped almonds
  • sunflower seeds
  • crumbled feta cheese

That’s it! Just mix all of that into your brown rice and refrigerate. You can eat it plain, or add the dressing of your choice to it. Popular choices include goddess dressing, ranch, and italian!

I'm nuts for nuts! 😛

chopped veggies

alllll together!

brown rice with some flair

So there you have it, my very complicated, very secret family recipe! 😉 Seriously though, this stuff is delicious, and pretty darn healthy too!

Book update

I am about to go read my book until I can’t keep my little eyes open anymore! I’m finally getting excited to go read it, which is a relief. I really don’t like when I first start a new book – it always takes me a while to get into it, become invested in the characters, etc. So if you plan to read A Game of Thrones, give it until at least page 60 to get into it. 🙂 Night!

25 cent greek yogurt – believe it!

Today has been quite the relaxing Saturday! I went food shopping with Shiv this morning, and got a TON of food – $85 worth to be exact. My wallet hurts but my tummy is happy! Even though I did spend a lot of money, I got some good deals, including the deal of the century on greek yogurt!!! Publix has Voskos greek yogurt on sale (10 for $10), AND they have 75 cent off coupons for it still! SO in case you can’t do the math, I ended up getting my greek yogurts for 25 cents a piece! Just try to beat that – you can’t! 😀
After food shopping, we went to see The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I won’t ruin the movie for you, but I thought it was decent. I was enjoying it the whole way through, but thought the end was sort of anticlimactic. It seemed like there would be more of a twist or something. The movie did get me thinking about free will, fate, life paths, etc. which is always fun to ponder!
During the movie I snacked on an apple and a mix of peanuts, almonds, and grahm crackers. Tasty!
When I got home I had a nutella and strawberry sandwich on a slice of whole grain bread:

nutella/strawberry sandwich!

I’m so happy to have fresh fruit back in the house! In addition to these strawberries, I also bought apples and 2 kiwis!

For dinner I tackled another new purchase – brussel sprouts! I actually haven’t tried them in ages (if ever), so they were my latest new food experiment.


I went with the tried and true method of roasting them, along with some broccoli to add to whole wheat penne.

steamin' green bowl

Of course, I had to add some marinara to this bowl, along with a hearty portion of minced garlic.

all mixed up

sprout spotlight!

While I enjoyed this dinner, I don’t think brussel sprouts will be making a regular appearance in my diet. They were fine, but I didn’t LOVE them. If someone else was making them for me, or they were already in something I was ordering I would definitely eat them, but I don’t think I would choose to buy them over other veggies that I like. However, I do have at least 2 more servings left, so I WILL be eating those before they go bad.

I decided to bake a cake because I was bored…but unfortunately got distracted by watching Aladdin and reading blogs…

cake fail

This burnt mess of a cake was the result! Next time I will not rely on myself to remember when to take out the cake – I’ll set the timer! Cake burned, lesson learned! 😉

I’m off to start my new book – Game of Thrones, the first books in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Exciting Saturday night, huh? 😉

Sticky breakfast

Gooood morning!

It was so nice to sleep in my own bed again last night! That’s pretty much the only downside of traveling – I miss my big comfy bed!

I managed to finish my book last night before passing out, and I have to give it two thumbs up. Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult was very engaging, and I finished the entire thing in about 3 sittings. She is wonderful at building suspense, and keeps things interesting by telling the story from 4 different points of view. If you want a fairly quick read that you can fall into, I would definitely recommend it!


Despite the fact that it is spring break, it is kind of FREEZING here! (by freezing, I mean in the 50s, naturally) I originally planned to have a smoothie for breakfast, but woke up craving something warm instead. Cue: oatmeal!

I think that “sticky” is the perfect word to describe oatmeal. It’s texture is sticky, it will stick to bowls like cement, AND when you eat it, it really sticks to your ribs! See? STICKY!

I popped some instant oats in the microwave, along with a few frozen blueberries. I topped my bowl off with a scoop of crunchy peanut butter, and a dash of cocoa powder and cinnamon. Kind of a random combo, but I don’t have much in the pantry right now!

sticky oats

This breakfast FILLED me up, that’s for sure! Now I need to go wash out the bowl before the oatmeal totally cements itself to it! 😛

Pasta, Pazookies, Planes, & Piercings!

Whew that sure is a lot of P’s! Sorry I have been M.I.A.! It’s been a hectic couple of days, but I am once again back up at school. I am semi-bummed since NO ONE is here yet, and I don’t have class until Tuesday. This does mean that I have a LOT of free time on my hands though! I am going to attempt to write at least a portion of my 10 page paper, however, I forsee a lot of movie watching and reading for fun in my near future.


As I said a while ago, I went to BJ’s for my final dinner in Austin! It was just me, Victoria, and her boyfriend Troy, and we had a good time. I was definitely an uncomfortable full by the end of the night though! I ordered the fried artichokes as an appetizer, which were really good! However, they didn’t taste all that “artichoke-y” – mainly they just tasted fried. For my entree I ordered the Angel Hair Toscana:

“Our delicate angel hair pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, fire-roasted red peppers, fresh basil, feta cheese, pine nuts, Roma tomatoes topped with fresh Parmesan cheese and parsley.”

Angel Hair Toscana

Angel Hair Toscana + Me! Quite the happy pair

Dinner was veryyyy good, except I was slightly disappointed that the “sundried” tomatoes ended up being just regular tomatoes. Oh well, life goes on! 😛

Victoria ordered one of the flatbread pizzas, which also looked delicious! I would have snagged a bite, but there was chicken on it, so this vegetarian passed.

Victoria and her flatbread

For dessert, we ordered the Pazookie Trio, with a Chocolate Chunk, a cookies and cream, and a triple chocolate pazookie.

Pazookie overload!

They were all DEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS, but  my favorite is still the chocolate chunk – you can’t argue with a classic!

Eating an appetizer, entree, AND dessert is something I almost never do so I wasn’t surprised by how insanely full I was by the end of the night. It was worth it though!


Wednesday I had to fly back to Orlando, via Chicago. (Crazy, I know) My flight wasn’t until 3:35, so I had another full morning in Austin! Victoria had received a coupon for a free Einstein’s coffee, and since neither Victoria or Troy drink coffee, it was mine! I started off my morning with my free cup of coffee, which quickly turned into THREE free cups when I discovered it was “bottomless” (aka you could refill) I sat on the sunny porch of the coffee shop drinkin’ my free vanilla coffee, chatting with my aunt on the phone, and reading my book. It was a really lovely way to start the day. Once Victoria finished class, we went back to the apartment and I packed up all my stuff. We had a couple of hours to kill before my flight, so we decided to go to Half Price Books!

Half Price Books is one of my very favorite stores in the whole world! I am a HUGE book lover, and my mom and I used to frequent Half Price Books quite often when we lived in Texas. They have a HUGE selection and it’s all sold at a tremendous discount! (Hence the name) They will also buy books from you, which I have always thought was awesome. Anyway, I was beyond pumped to visit the Austin store! I wound up getting 3 of the 4 books in the series A Song of Ice and Fire. My brother, who is not a big reader, has been RAVING about these books, so I thought I’d give them a try. I also got a Jodi Picoult book, called Vanishing Acts. I read about 3/4 of it on my plane ride, and it’s pretty intriguing! Total cost for my 4 purchases? 15 bucks! You really can’t beat that! I picked up the other book in the Song of Ice and Fire series at Barnes and Noble today, and can’t wait to start reading them ASAP!

My flight back to Orlando was good – fairly uneventful, minus a few bouts of turbulance on the second leg of the trip.  Apparently there was a HUGE storm going on right where I was flying, which I was totally oblivious about. It’s pretty better that way though! Ignorance is bliss, right?


Yesterday I was back in Orlando after my long day of travel on Wednesday. Steph and I went for an easy 3 mile run/walk in her neighborhood to start off the day.

After showering, we decided we wanted to go get an ear piercing! I already have my first and second holes, as well as my cartilage, so I chose to get it about half way up my left earlobe:

lookin' goofy trying to show off our new bling

Steph ended up getting hers in the same location, and we had a heck of a time trying to take a picture of our new earrings! Haha. Post-piercing, we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill, where I ordered the create your own pasta with whole wheat penne, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and garlic, with the creamy garlic sauce. It was SO GOOD!

To end the night, we went bowling with some friends, and then hung out at a friend’s house afterwards. It was quite the fun last day in Orlando!


Presently, I am FINALLY back in my own room! I feel like I’ve been away for ages! I’m a little sad that my travels are over, but I’m also semi looking forward to getting back into my normal routine! Sorry for this EPIC post! I should be back to posting regularly now that I’m back! Happy Friday!! 🙂

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