Pesto Pizza

Dinner tonight was yum-my if I do say so myself! Pesto pizza is something me, Meghan, and Claire started making last year, and were slightly obsessed with! It is SO delicious!


GALS 373pizza crust of your choice (this one was tasty! )




GALS 371

Spread the pesto on the pizza crust, then add whatever veggies float your boat! For tonight’s pesto pizza I added green peppers, onions, and spinach.

GALS 374

I also sprinkled on a little of this seasoning that I found in my parents’ pantry:

GALS 375

The next step is pretty crucial – CHEEEEESE! I added mozzarella, but you could add whatever kind of cheese you like.

GALS 376

Finally I tossed it in the oven to bake at 425 for about ten minutes, or until all the cheese was melted and the edges of the crust looked brown.

GALS 377

I roasted the cauliflower at the same time, but put it in first so it could roast for about 25 minutes. To season the cauliflower I put some pesto on it, then sprinkled on salt and pepper.

The final product:

GALS 381

So. Good. The parents gave it rave reviews as well, but I think they are required to. Winking smile

My mom had the idea to make a special drink to go along with this meal, so I got right on it! In the blender I combined:

  • one cup of water
  • a few handfuls of ice
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice
  • 8 frozen strawberries
  • a few sprinkles of Truvia sweetener

After blending it all together, we had a refreshing, low cal, summery drink! Perfect!

GALS 379GALS 380

Since we were being all fancy schmancy, I cut up a kiwi and put a slice on each of our glasses. Presentation is everything! (Please ignore the ugly plug in the back of the picture haha)

I’m off to hang out with my parents – we got the movie State of Play for five bucks at the store today, so I think we’re gonna pop that sucker in! Hope everyone had as good of a Monday as I did! Smile 


Soul Surfer

Gooood morning!!! Today the weather here is GROSS – dreary, raining, and BLAH.

Despite the nasty weather, I started my day off right with a big bowl of salty, sweet, crunchy, smooth goodness!

GALS 296GALS 297

I absolutely love the blend of flavors in this bowl! There was the tart Greek yogurt, the sweet apples and cinnamon, the salty and crunchy pretzel pieces, and the sweet, salty, and crunchy cocoa roast almonds. YUM!

Soul Surfer

On Sunday, Shiv and I went to see the movie Soul Surfer. It is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, who lost her left arm to a Tiger Shark while surfing. This was back in 2003, when she was only 13.

I thought this movie was excellent. It was interesting, inspiring, and really helped me put things in perspective. She is such a strong person, and it’s amazing how she has overcome so many obstacles. I highly recommend seeing it, especially if you like motivational movies!

I’ve got to run to a meeting and then class! Time to brave the gross weather…hopefully I don’t melt! Smile with tongue out

Toga Toga Toga!

This week has been SO busy! Between celebrating birthdays, doing homework, going out, and trying to sleep I feel like I haven’t had a second to update the good ol’ blog!


Yesterday was a veryyy fun day from beginning to end! It was Jacki’s 22nd birthday, so we grilled out and laid out in our yard with some friends. After we ate, everyone was extremely hot, so we decided to sneak over to one of the nearby apartment pools! Our ninja sneakiness skills paid off, and we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by/in the pool. Good friends, a pool, nice weather…what more can you ask for?!

After returning home and showering, we plopped on the couch to watch the movie Due Date. I thought it had some really funny parts, but was a little over-hyped. After the movie I snuck in a 20 minute power nap, and then it was off to Jacki’s birthday dinner!

We ended up going to a Japanese steakhouse nearby called Sawamura. The décor was nice, and the atmosphere was cozy. It is the kind of place where your chef cooks in front of you on a huge grill. I ended up ordering the vegetables, since that was the only vegetarian option. I got a HUGE portion though, along with a starter salad, and fried rice. It was all really good, and I had about half of my meal boxed up for leftovers.

Now for the most exciting part of yesterday…TOGA!!! Every spring, the rugby team has a huge toga party. Last year Jacki and I were supposed to go but stuff came up and we wound up not making it. This year we were making it there no matter what!

ufjryear 394

We bought fabric and made our own togas, which turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself!

The night was a blast!!! And I can now cross “Toga Party” off of my non-existent “Things To Do In College” list! Winking smile 

A toga collage for your viewing pleasure:


Whew! So that sums up my yesterday…back to regularly scheduled programing tomorrow! Oh and since this is a food-ish blog…here’s a picture of a delish dinner I made Friday night:

ufjryear 385

It’s brown rice, black beans, roasted broccoli, orange bell pepper, onions, and asparagus. So.Yummy!!!

Today I have been being a major bum, aka sitting on the couch and watching movies! In fact, I think Shiv and I are going to go see a movie in a bit! Hey, at least I’ll be off the couch! Winking smile Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Yogurt & Rain

Can you guess whose song my title is a tribute to? (Hint – read to the end of the post 😛 )

Today is another dreary/rainy day here in Florida. Apparently the storm was bad last night, but I slept riiiiight through it, as always. I am such a heavy sleeper that someone could probably come kidnap me in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t blink an eye. Eeek.

Last Night

Last night I had a simple but great dinner! There was leftover pizza in the fridge that was calling my name. To healthify my meal, I ate only ONE slice, and added tons of roasted and grilled veggies on the side.

pizza + veggies for some health

This was perfect because I still got the satisfaction and tastiness of eating pizza, but without the guilt and the “I weigh 500 pounds” feeling afterward!

My night concluded with a big bowl of Monster Cookie ice cream!

monster cookie!

Meghan and I saw this in Target last week and HAD to have it! Her mom makes us Monster Cookies all the time, so the fact that there was an ice cream version made us pretty darn excited!

While eating our ice cream, we watched a Disney classic – Mulan!


We have this on VHS, and we were cracking up about having to rewind it before we could watch it! Oh technology, how far you have come!


I feel like I have been neglecting my yogurt lately, so a yogurt bowl for breakfast seemed perfect!

I combined plain greek yogurt, a squirt of honey, chopped apple, pecans, dry oats, and a LOT of cinnamon to make my bowl.

yogurt bowl

I tend to be a little heavy-handed with the cinnamon – it just makes everything SO much better! Luckily, cinnamon is really good for you! You can read about some of the health benefits here! That makes me feel better about putting pounds of it onto my morning meals! 😉

Hope everyone else is having better weather than we are here! I’ll leave you with a little James Taylor, because I LOVEEEEE him, and it’s the perfect rainy day/relaxing music! 🙂 (Also, my title is a play on his song “Fire and Rain” 🙂 )

Show Me How You Burlesque

I have been absolutely obsessed with the song “Show Me How You Burlesque” for a few weeks now, but I hadn’t seen the movie yet. Last night, all that changed! My roommate Ang and I had a roomie date night, since our other two roommates were out of town. We went to Leonardo’s which is a pizza place. I got a slice of the thick veggie pie, which had onions, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes baked into it. On the side, I got three of their infamous garlic knots, and whew were they good! Good thing I wasn’t on a real date, because they sure were garlic-y!  😉

After pizza, we hit up Mochi! I got half snickerdoodle, half coconilla, and topped it with butterfinger, pound cake, and cinnamon toast crunch. It was gooooood!

Since dinner and dessert were out of the way, we decided to redbox it, and ended up with Burlesque. Although it’s not going to be up for an Oscar anytime soon, I really liked the movie. You just have to take it for what it is – an entertaining musical with fun costumes, catchy songs, and some smokin’ eye candy! Whew!

Today I took advantage of the beautiful weather and lounged outside for over two hours…unfortunately I have a nice sunburn on my back to show for it. 😦 I always forget just how much sunburn sucks until I get one! Boooo.

For dinner, I had a bean-tastic dish. Since I still haven’t made it to the store, I am in throw-together-whatever-is-around mode. I combined some black beans, leftover salt and vinegar chickpeas, frozen peas, corn, and carrots in a skillet, and tossed them with a little olive oil. For even more protein, I added half of a Boca burger and some cheese.

the other McSteamy 😛

I’m still trying to get into beans – I have been bean-averse my whole life, so eating the musical fruit is still quite the challenge. It’s a lot easier with dishes like this one, where I can throw them in with a bunch of other things. That way they blend in – I don’t think you’ll catch me eating straight up beans anytime soon!

Tomorrow I have a meeting, a phone interview, homework, total body, and another meeting on the agenda so far! Just another manic Monday! 😛


Today was fun and relaxing! I tossed my homework aside in favor of more fun activities. First up on the list? The movies!


Shiv, Ang, and I went to see Limitless with Bradley Cooper. The premise is that a starving writer takes a mystery pill that helps him access 100% of his brain. It was definitely an interesting movie – I liked it a lot! It got me thinking about how cool it would be to be able to reach your true maximum potential, and remember everything you ever saw/heard/read/etc. (Not that I encourage taking drugs to do so, haha) If you get a chance, I think this movie is worth a watch!

Oh haaayyy Bradley Cooper!


Next up on the agenda was running stadiums with Ang! I don’t know if this exactly counts as a fun activity (more like torturous) but it was certainly a great workout! We ran to the stadium (which is a little over a mile), did four sets of stadiums, ran up a HUGE incline/loop thing, and then ran home. All in all, we were gone for about 55 minutes. It was a lot like an interval workout, and you know I dig those!

The Swamp! Where the stadiums happen


For dinner I made a two egg omelet with green peppers, onions, corn, and cheese. I also had a Kashi blueberry waffle on the side. Breakfast for dinner is always a winner! (I didn’t even mean for that to rhyme…guess I’m a poet and didn’t know it 😉 ) Looks like my dinner isn’t the only thing that’s corny! 😛

For dessert I had a bowl of cookies and cream frozen yogurt topped with some cookie dough. I am both happy and sad to say that the giant tub of cookie dough that Meghan brought back after spring break is officially gone. I may or may not have eaten 3/4 of it! Eeek.

I’m off to watch a movie and maybe work on some assignments. What a poppin’ Friday! 😛

p.s. I saw this article today, and found it pretty interesting! I like where Denmark’s head is at…I would LOVE a free gym membership that I’d only have to pay for if I didn’t go!

Sneezy McSneezerson

That’s what I have temporarily changed my name to! 😛 I don’t generally have allergies, but I think the unreal amount of pollen floating around is starting to get to me – I’ve literally sneezed about 50 times today! My eyes are also watery. Ick!

After my run this morning I had my classic green smoothie, which included:

  • a LOT of spinach
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 6ish frozen strawberries
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • a dash of cocoa powder

It was yummy as always! I also had a fruit plate with kiwis and strawberries:

pretty fruit!

Not to worry, I ate way more than this, it just didn’t fit into the design 😛 Fruit is so gosh darn pretty! I just loveeeeeeee it!

For dinner I had leftover whole wheat penne from last night, topped with carrots, green pep, and garlic hummus! Using garlic hummus as a pasta sauce is my latest bright idea, and I must say it’s a good one! Just a little dollop covered allll my pasta and veggies, and tasted awesome!

Post-dinner I went to see Little Red Riding Hood. The verdict? Ehhh. In my opinion, it wasn’t very good. It was pretty cheesy/just kind of dumb. However, there was some decent eye candy, so I can’t complain too much!

My roommate Meghan and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies tonight while working on homework…I think I had 4 of them. I am a true cookie monster, and can’t be trusted around them!!

Now I’m off to bed – I have a lot on the agenda tomorrow including laundry, cleaning, writing case briefs, papers, a meeting, and a total body class! Whew! I’m actually quite excited to go to total body, since it has been TWO full weeks since I’ve been! Yikes. Night!

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