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Hi guys! Longggg time no talk. I won’t be posting here any more (duh), but I have started a new blog, if you’d like to keep up with my shenanigans there!

Instagram: @greyfarmhouse 


I’d love to see you over there! 🙂 xo Jamie


I’m Baaaaack

Hiiiiii!!! And if anyone at all is actually reading this after my year-long hiatus, I am impressed. Eeek, that is a longggg time. I have still been a blog-reading freak, but just hadn’t managed to get around to the blog writing part of things.

I guess you could say that A LOT has happened in the past year. Bullet points, and GO!

  • I FINALLY turned 21! Since I was pretty much the last of my friends to do so, it was a biiiiig deal. My friend Shiv, my brother and sister, and my cousin all went up to Boston to celebrate…and it was one of the greatest nights evaaaa!

21 056

21 085

I also managed to have some slightly more classy family fun Winking smile

21 099

21 114

  • I traveled Europe with my friend Ashley for 2 weeks – we went to London, Barcelona, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. Needless to say, I had the time of my life and every second was amazing. I actually had a travel blog that you can check out if you’re so inclined Smile



  • I studied abroad by myself in Helsinki, Finland. In the winter. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I’m pretty sure I agree. It was quite the character-building experience…and hey, I got to see reindeer and go to the Arctic Circle. So all in all, it was pretty darn awesome.






  • I ran my first half marathon! My neighbor broke her toe and couldn’t run at the last minute so I took her bib…and ran…without training. Can’t say it was the fastest half marathon ever, but I was proud of myself nonetheless. Disney Princess Half is where it’s at! (I picked the two least-heinous pictures to share…because let’s be real, they were all horrific!)


  • I graduated from the University of Florida (again…) with my master’s degree in International Business. I kicked my thesis’s butt, and am now the proud owner of an M.A. Woop! (No picture since I didn’t walk, but I’ll leave you with this glorious one from when I got my bachelor’s…)

grad pics 165

  • I got a new, big-girl job that I ❤  a lot. It’s a vast improvement over my last internship/job and I am really happy to be there, using my super sweet advertising skills.
  • I became a certified Spinning instructor!

This has been on my list of things I want to do ever since I started spinning when I was a wee 16 year old. Winking smile It was the best feeling ever to finally make that dream a reality, and take my spin-love to the next level. I’m in the process of looking for a part time job teaching – fingers crossed something will work out soon!

  • I’m in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer through the NASM CPT program! This is another thing I’ve thought about doing for a while now, and finally bit the bullet. I’ve had my textbook for about 3 weeks now, and am crankin’ away on my studying!

Okay, I believe that is enough big life events for one post. Bless you if you have made it this far, and if you are somehow still even reading my blog after my 342549024 year absence. I hope to be popping in on a much more regular basis again. Smile


Question for today: Any big life events/changes happening recently?! What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet? GO!


Much <3,


I Like to Sit on Dogs

Hi strangers!

Well, I guess I’m really the stranger, since I still blog-stalk everyone else on the reg. Winking smile 

I have some time on my hands today, so I figured what better way to spend it than giving the blog a little love!

I also took a spin class this afternoon, and sweated my butt off as usual. The remainder of the day I spent reading magazine after magazine, along with my new book, The Help.

I’ve read/heard rave reviews about this book from about a million people, so I just had to get it when I was at Barnes and Noble the other day. I’m about half way through, and so far it has not disappointed! I’m definitely hooked, and already sad that I’m going to be done reading it too soon.

For dinner tonight, I threw together a random concoction of roasted broccoli, garden rotini, a hard boiled egg, and marinara sauce. I also had some green grapes on the side to sneak in some fruit! I’m dog sitting for my old neighbors for a few days, so my meal was limited to the random things they had left in the fridge. It was delicious though!

summer11 085

Greatest Workout Pants EVER

A couple of weeks ago I found a new favorite pair of workout pants. They’re the Champion fitted capri from Target, and they are the bomb!

summer11 080 

I love them because they’re fitted at the knee, which was something I was looking for in my workout pants, since my previous ones weren’t. They also don’t ride up OR fall down, and they don’t show my sweat! I’ve worn these running, spinning, and weight lifting, and just fall more in love with them everyday. Seriously, they’re the best! So of course today I had to run out and buy two more pairs. They’re $24.99 each, which my cheap self feels is a little pricey, but they are SO worth it! Ok, rant done. Smile 

Work Outs

This summer, I’ve fallen into a pretty regular workout schedule, which I like a lot. When I have a routine I’m much more likely to actually make it to the gym – when it’s a habit, I don’t have to think about it, I just go! My regular routine has been looking a little like this:

Monday – 5:45 am spin class

Tuesday – 5:45 am total body weights class

Wednesday – 5:45 am spin class

Thursday – OFF

Friday – Running (3ish miles) and weights on my own

Saturday – OFF or same as Friday

Sunday – 1:15pm spin class

Usually on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I will go to the gym after work also and run about 3 miles. I’ve been trying to improve my running speed – so far so good!

I took the tear out cards out of the Self magazine I read today, and want to try to incorporate them into my workout this week to change things up some.

summer11 082

These moves are meant to be done in intervals – you do each move for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat 8 times. I’m a big fan of intervals, so this is right up my alley.

I’m off to watch Free Willy (what, it’s on TV!) and do some laundry/get ready for the work week ahead! I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past couple of weeks. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

summer11 042

Me and Steph goofing around after a night out

summer11 048

Shiv, Me, and Natalie out to dinner for Natalie’s 21st.

summer11 063

Molls! (Who is such a big girl now!)

summer11 067

At Steph’s mom’s surprise birthday party yesterday…Derek and I were having a competition to see who could leave their hand in the freezing water the longest…I won – by a lot Smile

summer11 066

Kyle, Steph, and Derek.

And that’s all folks!

Do you like theme parties? What’s the best one you’ve been to?

I loveeeeee a good theme party! My favorite would have to be a tie between toga and tacky sweater – so fun!


13.5 Hours and Counting

THAT, my friends, is how long I’ve been awake for today!!! You see, on Wednesday mornings for the past three weeks, I’ve been going to 5:45 spin class! Which of course requires a 5 a.m. wakeup call. Eeek. But actually, it’s not so bad…I figure the first three minutes of waking up are TORTURE no matter what time it is, so I just need to stop being a baby and deal with the 5 o’clock hour. Smile 

I always feel sooooooo great getting my workout done that early. I go about the rest of my day high on endorphins and feelin’ fine. AND it is the absolute best feeling to know that I don’t have to truck to the gym after a 9 hour work day.

To top off my already soaring mood, work absolutely flew by today! I get into the office around 7:50 a.m., and today we had a big lunch meeting that lasted from 10a.m. to 1:40pm. That meant that I only had to sit at my desk for a little bit at a time, and I was extremely busy when I did! Woohoo.

Lunch was super delicious, the people that we met with sent us options to chose from ahead of time, so everyone got exactly what they wanted. I had ordered the veggie lasagna, and man-oh-man I was not disappointed. It was so. good. And PACKED with veggies. I feel like a lot of times restaurants reeeally skimp on the veggies, but not this one! My lasagna was overflowing with eggplant, peppers, squash, zucchini, and spinach! Yum yum yum.


Let me stop rambling here to give a great big shout out of love to…MEG! Since I started reading her blog a few months ago, I have absolutely fallen in loveee with it (and the least creepy way possible) She posts so many great things about embracing your body and letting go of your “flaws,” self-confidence, and a whole bunch of other awesome topics. She is also freakin’ gorgeous, and has the most killer arm muscles ever. (Um, that picture of you holding your niece? Holy shamoly!) Open-mouthed smileShe also wrote the nicest comment ever on my last post, so I wanted to take a second to say – HI MEG! YOU DA BOMB!

Moving on…

Tonight I have plans to go over to my old neighbor’s house for a little while so they can set up my wifi and show me how to operate their TV, since I will be watching their dogs sometime this summer.

That’s all I’ve got! But I will leave you with three of the songs I’m semi obsessed with at the moment!


PR: Now That IS Fun!

AH! I am on such a high right now…It is 1:50 am, and I just returned from my midnight fun run. The distance was only 5k, but I have never actually run a race before! The only “race” I have done is a triathlon in May 2008.

At first, I was just taking it at a very relaxed pace with my friends, but after a couple of minutes I was feeling great, and wanted to kick it up. Then I decided that I might as well actually try, so that I could get a baseline time for how fast I can run a 5k while “competing.”

According to my iPod, the time was 12:05 when I started the race, and I finished at 12:28. That, my friends, would mean I finished in 23 minutes! As I said on twitter…”Holy shit!”

I am so, so, soooo happy with that time! It kind of blows my mind. My timing was not very exact, but I know I finished between 23 and 24 minutes! Since this was my first race, this is a personal record (PR) for me!!! Open-mouthed smileI’ll be honest – the thought of bragging to you guys really motivated me at the end! Smile with tongue out

Post-race, we got free breakfast from the dining hall on campus. I had some chunks of honey dew and half of a delicious, airy, amazing waffle.

It was a good night. Fun run indeed!!! Off to bed for me, see ya in the a.m.!

Just Dance!!!

Yesterday was such a go go go type of day, I feel like I was running around from the time I woke up until my head hit the pillow around 3:30 am!

Total body and yoga were both wonderful, as always! We did a lot of shoulder work in total body, and I’m definitely feelin’ it today!

After my workouts, Shiv and I went to the mall! Our mall just redid the Forever21, and it is now HUGE and well-organized. It was fantastic! I bought three new shirts, one of which I wore out!

It was Ashley’s 21st, and we had a blast! Here is a preview of the craziness that was last night:

Ash Collage


I haven’t been going out much this semester, so it was good to go out with friends, get a little silly, and JUST DANCE! Smile with tongue outHAPPY 21st ASH!!!


Today I slept in, and then spent time hanging out with Shiv, Meghan, and Ang, looking at pictures and reminiscing about the night!

For lunch, I made myself a little wrap that had spinach, red pepper slices, onions, corn, and cheese!

GALS 283

I love all the colors in this!! Not only was it pretty, but it tasted great too! I’m off to class, and then I have to prepare for round 2 of birthday celebrations! On tonight’s agenda is dinner at Urban Flats, and then OUT downtown! Woohoo.

Happy Thursday!!! Smile


Whole Foods

It was a pretty tame day in Austin…after the gym, I went to campus, and ended up working on a research paper in the business school here while Victoria was in class. (Exciting spring break stuff, huh?! 😛 ) For lunch, we ate at a place inside of the business school called O’s Cafe. I got a small salad from the salad bar, with spinach, LOTS of red and green peppers, chick peas, hard boiled egg, feta, cucumber, and some vinegrette dressing. It was pretty tasty! I was impressed with the selection of veggies that the salad bar had. I also got some sweet potato fries on the side, which were gooood!
Whole Foods(!!!)
So believe it or not, I had never actually been inside of a Whole Foods until yesterday! I have heard endless things about it, so I was extremely pumped to go! The Whole Foods headquarters is actually in Austin, which I thought was cool! Whole Foods was everything I’ve heard about and more. I literally was grinning from ear to ear, taking in all of the cool and different foods they have there! Some highlights included the nut butter stations, where you pull the lever, and nut butter that is made ONLY from nuts comes out (sooo cool), the packages of edible flowers, the million different granolas, and of course, the dessert cases! Ah!! I was so overwhelmed, but in a good way. I could have walked around for hours!
Of course I had to nab some stuff to try. I ended up buying
  • chocolate peanut butter (from the lever!)
  • Ginger snap granola
  • 2 fresh whole wheat rolls
  • an apple
  • mini canoli
  • raspberry thumbelina

Holy cow! It was all deeeeelish!

My purchases!

For dinner I wound up eating a roll and my apple, both dipped in the chocolate peanut butter. It was SO GOOD! And I may or may not have eaten the entire container.

The desserts were AMAZING as well – especially the mini canoli! MMMMM. They were a great size too – just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.


So YAY Whole Foods – I love you! 🙂


Today I had an interview for an internship at 11:00, and have just been chillin’ with Victoria since I got back. For breakfast I had a Stoneyfield farms vanilla yogurt (not greek – shocker!!) with some vanilla protein powder and my new ginger snap granola mixed in.

non-greek yogurt (gasp)

For lunch I had my other whole wheat roll with some peanut butter (just regular, booo), and a glass of milk. I think we’re going to dinner at BJ’s tonight, which is one of my favorites! I’m gonna start plotting out my meal now!! 😛

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