Puppy Play Time

Ah, Fridays…sleeping in, no work, the start of the weekend – does it get any better? Of course when I say sleeping in, I mean until 8:30 since that is about as late as I can sleep these days. (Who am I?)

Anyway, the day started with some puppy play time! I took Molly on a run that was probably only about 2 miles long, but boy was it H-O-T. That’s Florida in July for ya! We were both panting and on the verge of death by the time we got home, so we had some pool play time!

She is the cutest swimmer ever, watching her in the pool never fails to crack me up. She LEAPS in, paddles around, and fetches her ball. So. Cute.

summer11 062

Ok, enough obsessive puppy talk! Today I have a phone meeting around 11:00, and then I’ll probably go to the gym to run a couple more miles and lift weights. I’m dog sitting at my neighbors again tonight, so I’ll most likely end up having a relaxing night of reading and/or movie watching!

Happy Weekend!!!

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