The Age Gap

Hey hey! Happy Thursday! Today was my last day of work for the week (I never work Fridays) so I’m pretty darn happy…I love me some weekend!

Today I wanted to write about an issue that seems to keep popping up in my life lately…age differences! Enjoy Smile

The Age Gap

From the time you can hold up your fingers, one of the first questions people ask is, “How old are you?” As you grow up, age is the determining factor of what you can and cannot do. Being able to drive, vote, get married, buy lottery tickets, drink, and rent a car are all hurdles you can only cross once you have turned a certain age.

Some say age is just a number, but while growing up it can seem like the end-all be-all. So just how important is age, and what does it indicate, really?

According to society, age is supposed to express how mature you are, how intelligent you are, what phase of life you are in, and how much life experience you have. I think this is an extreme over-generalization.

There are 12 year olds who have seen more and gone through more than any 72 year old out there. There are little boys who act like wise old men, and men that act like little boys. People are so much more complex and varied than a number, and assuming someone is a certain way because of the year that’s printed on their birth certificate is doing everyone a major disservice.

Age and Friendship

How big of an age gap is acceptable in a friendship? I think it depends on each particular case. While many people find they have more in common with people who are closer to them in age, you  might be surprised to learn how many similar interests you share with someone a decade or two your junior or senior.

I personally have always gotten along with “adults,” and have had and still do have many older people that I consider friends. My neighbors range from mid-30s to 50s, and I hang out with them often. Whether we’re having a bon fire in the yard, watching a movie, or going to spin class, I have a great time getting together with them, and we have plenty to talk about even though we are in very different places in our lives.

By not considering that someone much older or younger could be your friend, you could be missing out on getting to know a fantastic individual, and hearing a different perspective on life.

Age and Relationships

What do all of these couples have in common? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with age…





All of the couples above have more than a decade separating them! In Hollywood, there is a plethora of couples with a major age gap. It seems to be pretty accepted, but what about in the “real world?”

There is definitely a stigma attached to dating someone much older or younger than you. Words like “creep,” “cougar,” and “taking-advantage,” get thrown around a lot. Is that fair?

Like most things in life…it just depends. There are so many shades of gray with this topic, and each relationship is a different situation. However in my opinion, judging someone’s relationship based solely on their age difference is unfair.

People are attracted to all different kinds of things, and if you get along better with someone ten years older than you, why is that so terrible?

I think it’s more important to measure a relationship by the connection you have, how you are treated, and your happiness – not by age.

I’m REALLY interested in everyone’s opinion on this topic! So please speak up if you’re reading! Smile

How do you feel about age gaps in friendships? Relationships?

Is there such thing as TOO big of an age gap?


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